Syracuse Nike Sneakers: The Complete Guide!

Among the earliest reprisals of the Be True to Your School series of Dunk sneakers, the “Dunk Low Syracuse” became one of the main players of the global Dunk revival. It’s still sweeping the country even today.

After 2 years, Nike decided to re-release some of the originals, and the white/orange pair of Syracuse Nike Sneakers is ready to make a comeback on November 1st, 2022. The “Be True to Your School” series from Nike was launched in 1985 to celebrate all the basketball programs across the country.

The regulars of the national championship circuit, Syracuse’s orange and white, transformed into one of the most-legendary school-based shade combos in sneaker history. The Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Ship are recent pairs that have materialized, but the “DUNK” is surely where it should be.

Syracuse Orange and White Sneakers: Things to Know

The “DUNK HIGH” Syracuse sneakers are one of the best ways to show some school spirit. Crafted with white and orange blaze leather panels, these sneakers will offer 100% comfort to the wearer. This iconic piece of footwear mirrors the team uniform of the Syracuse Orange women’s and men’s basketball teams.

With the help of these sneakers, you will surely score much higher. The orange and white sneakers are easy to wear and have the “NIKE” symbol stitched on the sides of the footwear. It has a white and orange base, making the footwear much more stylish and eye-catching. The sneakers come with a padded tongue with the word “NIKE” printed on them.

There is no presence of eyelets, but it comes with a soft inner sole, bright orange laces, and an outer rubber sole. The Syracuse Nike Sneakers also comes with a small orange pull tab at the backside, and the lining is made of 100% nylon. You will not trip or fall when you run, jump, play or walk while wearing these sneakers.

Purchasing the Syracuse Nike Sneakers: Steps to Follow

The sneakers have already made their way into online and physical stores. If you wish to purchase sneakers from an online shop, you must find a good shop. Remember, all online sites are not created equal, which means you might get a low-quality or a replica of the original product.

So, you should begin by researching all the sites that sell the Syracuse Nike Sneakers and look at the other products they have in-store. You must check how well the site operates and whether or not they are providing the original footwear. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews section.

It contains comments provided by all the existing customers. Checking out the reviews section will give you an idea of how good the product is and whether or not it contains all the features. Also, don’t forget to compare the price, as all the sites do not have the same price. Even though the sneakers are available for $110, you might get between $120 to $130.

The Takeaway 

The Syracuse Sneakers have already gained a lot of popularity and respect in the sneaker community. These sneakers are unique, made of high-quality materials, and crafted by the best shoemakers of all time. This white and orange sneaker also offers a lot of comfort to the wearer, and you will not experience any irritation when you walk, jump or run on them.