5 most useful Internet-connected kitchen gadgets of the 21st century:

As life becomes more and busier, it’s easy to lose track of what constitutes a balanced diet in the midst of all the noise. Because you’re too exhausted at the end of the day to cook, you often resort to ordering greasy takeout. When you’re trapped in traffic, all you can think about is getting home so you can eat. That miracle, at last, is within reach. All of our hopes and aspirations are coming true thanks to the relentless development of technology. Here are five cutting-edge kitchen gadgets that reduce cooking time to a breeze.

 Smart Ovens: Your smart phone is all you need to preheat your oven from afar. In these Wifi-enabled ovens, you can manage everything from your smartphone by downloading a single app. You may set the time and temperature and the oven will alert you when it’s ready to cook.

Sous-Vide Machine: It’s a Wi-Fi-enabled steamer or slow cooker that can be operated from a distance. Putting your meal in a vacuum bag and keeping it in a steamer with water does all the work for you. The machine will keep the food at refrigerator temperature until you start it using your mobile app. Meats, vegetables, seafood, and even steaks are all suitable for steam cooking.

Smart Slow-Cooker: No well-equipped kitchen should be without a slow cooker. Give the gift of convenience to your home with a slow cooker that you can control with the press of a button on your smartphone. You can control the cooking time, temperature, and on/off status of your Wifi-enabled slow cooker from anywhere in the world. Chicken tikka masala, hog soup, white chicken chilli, and other meaty dishes benefit greatly from this method of preparation.

Coffee Brewer: When you are very exhausted, all you want is a cup of coffee that will brew itself by some miracle. A Wifi-enabled coffee maker should be on the wish list of any coffee connoisseur. For the ideal start to your day, auto-schedule your coffee from your iPhone or Android and choose its strength and sweetness settings in advance. (For those who don’t have a coffee maker, see also: Cappuccino Without a Machine.)

High-Tech Barbequesmoker: Nobody can resist the irresistible aroma of a chicken on the grill. Standing and maintaining a watch is a boring chore, therefore we usually avoid doing it at home. This, too, is a problem that can be solved by technology. Modern, high-tech barbecue smokers may be controlled remotely by smartphone. It notifies you when the meal is finished cooking and keeps it warm until you come back. Get away from the grill and yet control the cooking process.

Many of you might think that can I get these appliances in any appliance store near me? Well, for them the best suggestion is to go online and surf for finding out the nearest store having all these stuffs. Make the end of your long day more pleasant by equipping your kitchen with modern conveniences like these Wifi-enabled, remote-controlled gadgets. Save money by eating nutritious meals you prepared yourself. If you’re cooking, I wish you the best of luck!