Weddings at Water of Life Church

Marriage is designed and ordained by God and the most important of all human institutions. Therefore, in planning your wedding, we will seek to honor Him in all we do. Our prayer is that this will be a lasting and meaningful relationship and we as a staff will do all we can to ensure that your wedding day will be memorable. Below is what the wedding journey at Water of Life looks like at a glance:


Pre-Marital Classes:

There are two premarital classes at Water of Life. We have a seven week Pre-Marital class for couples getting married for the first time.

We also have an eleven week Re-Marriage Pre-Marital class for couples where one or both individuals have been previously married. This class is also for those couples where one or both individuals have a child from a previous relationship.

The fee for both classes is $90 per couple which includes class materials and two temperament assessments.

To find out upcoming dates for the next Pre-Marital or Re-Marriage Pre-Marital class, please call the Healing Department at 909.463.0103 x4127.

Request Forms:

The staff of Water of Life Community Church are pleased to have the Chapel and other facilities available for your wedding upon request. In addition, we will also gladly schedule one of our pastors to officiate the ceremony. Please note that these options will only be available once you have completely fulfilled our pre-wedding requirements (listed above).

For more detailed information download our Wedding Handbook


Elise Gray
Sr. Healing Administrative Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4127