The Morgans




Dan & Marietta Morgan
Africa / Chad & Germany

Missionary Information:

The Morgans

Dan & Marietta Morgan
Africa / Chad & Germany

Dan & Marietta are serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

After 16 years serving in the Ndut translation project in Senegal, and a further 9 years supporting the Ndut team from Germany, they now have new roles. Marietta is serving language teams in Chad doing desktop publishing for literacy and scripture booklets and creating scripture and reading apps.

Dan is serving with Wycliffe’s ‘Internet Publishing Service’ (IPS). This initiative teaches nationals how to build their own websites for sharing the Good News online. The websites allow downloads in print, video, and audio formats, all in their own language. IPS trainers lead two-week onsite workshops in various places around the world and then offer remote follow-up support.

Latest Update:

Hi Global Outreach Team!

Fall has finally come with cooler weather, blue feathery clouds in the skies (when it’s not just grey and drizzly), and the changing colors of the leaves. We are really enjoying the views from our windows!

We also spent a couple days diving into the workings of the new software that we have been using since the end of August for creating websites. We are calling the software Wildfire as we desire to see God’s Word – available in the heart language – spread like wildfire across communities, regions, nations…

I am currently enjoying the challenges of remotely helping two clients – one based in France, and one in Texas- creating sites in Wildfire for language groups in N. Africa and Niger respectively.

I also ‘inherited’ 30 existing websites to look after. I will be the contact person helping the people maintaining these sites, which serve language groups in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Mali, Guinea and a few other places in Africa.

Workshops in Kenya and Mexico

Part of my work involves communicating with partners for the planning of upcoming workshops. In July I learned I would be going to Kenya with a colleague to lead a workshop there this fall. Our Kenyan partner organisation BTL – (Bible Translation & Literacy) had scheduled the workshop for the end of October. In early August I booked tickets for the two of us to travel there together. In September BTL told us they would like to reschedule the workshop for January, because of the potential for unrest surrounding the newly rescheduled presidential elections in October.

I was already scheduled to be at a workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico in January, however, so there was another flurry of emails, skype calls and whatsapp chats before I knew which workshop I would be going to. Mexico it is… someone else will be taking my place on the Kenya trip.

In September we enjoyed a visit of Dan’s brother from Rancho Cucamonga with his family, 6 adults and 2 kids. Since Marietta’s mom’s house is quite big, we could accommodate them here for a week.

It has been nice to have our son Christoph and his wife Joy here since the end of August. He finished his BA in engineering in Constance and will start an MA program in the middle of October in Karlsruhe – a city about a 2 hours drive away. Ben and his wife Lisa are living an hours drive from here. We are thankful that they both found jobs that they really enjoy. Sara has been here off and on during the summer. She is starting her last semester now in communications design.

Once again, we want to thank you for your partnership with us in making God’s Word available to the peoples of the world—in their heart language!

Do contact us, we would love to hear from you!
~Dan & Marietta

Prayer Request:

  • Continued provision & health


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