The McDaniel’s

 GO_WEB_MIssionaries_DavidAndMariaMcDanielDavid & Maria McDaniel
Tokyo, Japan

Missionary Information:

David and Maria lead Youth With A Mission ministry base in Tokyo, Japan.

Quarterly Update:

Greetings from Youth With A Mission, Tokyo!

This has been a season of looking both to the past and to the future. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary as a base. In 2007 we were part of the pioneering team that rebooted YWAM Tokyo after the base we started at was closed. Maria and myself, John and Rhonda Somers-Harris, Bob Bastable, Kristyn Kuroki and Lydia Jordi moved into the city and started a new DTS as the first ministry of the new YWAM Tokyo.

Since that humble beginning we have seen staff come and go. The leadership of the base was turned over to me. I passed on the leadership of the DTS to an amazing man named Greg Lilley. Greg’s wife, Rachel, Maria and I pioneered a weekly worship, prayer and ministry meeting near Tokyo University called The Living Room. Our staff team has grown to almost 40 people (with more coming) from 14 different nations. Collectively our people do evangelism, outreach to university and high school students, run a mom’s group, combat sex trafficking, feed the homeless and many other ministries. It is just amazing to see what God has done!!

It’s been a great 10 years.

Looking to the future, we are FINALLY pioneering the ministry that was the reason we came to Japan, namely to start a School of Worship. That’s right, after a 16-year journey we have begun staff training to start the School of Worship and Transformation (we are calling it SWAT) in the Fall of 2018.

The main focus of the school will be to grow people who walk in intimacy with the Lord in order to see transformation in themselves, their communities and the nations. Our school motto is “With Christ, Like Christ and For Christ”. We have plowed a lot of ground in the area of worship. God has shown us how to walk in His authority in this land, and how worship changes the atmosphere and helps to facilitate the move of His Holy Spirit. We are so excited to partner with the Lord and our amazing team to see this school come into full fruit.

Prayer requests:

  • Would you pray about being part of our financial support team? We would like to raise a stronger base of prayer and monthly financial support to help us to continue to reach the Japanese for Jesus. Evan small amounts monthly add up. Please email us if you are interested in being more involved. (giving information provided below)
  • Would you pray about being part of our prayer support team? Even a small amount of time set aside for prayer each week could really help us spiritually as we contend for a move of God in Japan.
  • We are actively trying to buy the building that we run all of our training out of. The cost is approximately 2.1 million in US dollars. It is our goal to have this wonderful property paid for by January 2019.
  • Wisdom and guidance as we pioneer the School of Worship and Transformation (SWAT)


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