Russ and Maria Baker

GO_WEB_Missionaries_BakerRuss and Maria Baker
Partnering with Hope Matters International, Kenya

Missionary Information:

Our first short term mission trip anywhere was to Kenya in 2013 with Water of Life Church. Since that first trip we have returned to Kenya a combined 16 times. The relationships we made were deepening with each trip and our time at home was filled with seeking opportunities to return to Kenya.

We began our ministry by starting a feeding program in a small private school. As attendance grew from 25 to 45, then 75 and now more than 90 students we could see the hand of God at work.  He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; Luke 16:10

Another relationship that has become very dear to us is the one with Hope Matters International. The more time we spent serving with this ministry the greater the pull to Kenya became. At a time in our lives when many of our contemporaries are considering retirement, we are stepping into full time service to the Lord as missionaries in Kenya, Africa.

Quarterly Update:

We will be serving as team support in the newly constructed Village of Hope Hospital, expanding the discipleship and prayer ministries and helping to develop a structured children’s ministry. We are ready to be used in whatever way God leads and as for as long as he wills.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for unity in our marriage as we face the challenges of living in a developing country along with language barriers, loss of independence, (Maria does not plan on driving initially), and other unknown cultural differences.
  • Please pray for relationships and opportunities to share the love of Jesus as we serve our neighbors and community in Kenya.
  • Pray that we represent Jesus in all that we say and do and that we grow closer to God as we serve.


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