Remote purchase of a real estate in Greece

For several years now, Greece has been ranked first among real estate investors from around the world. Kassandra Halkidiki real estate is a favorite among foreign investors for many reasons: beautiful nature, developed infrastructure, attractive prices, and high profitability. The driving force of the Greek economy is tourism.

Peculiarities of remote process

During the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the remote process of choosing and buying property in Greece has become more and more popular. It is important to note that most profitable offers do not stay on the market and sell out fairly quickly. Accordingly, selecting an object for remote images is the fastest way to reserve your chosen apartment. The process is structured as follows: first, the client voices his main requests, in accordance with which we select the most relevant offers.

Drawing up a power of attorney

The principal document in the remote registration of real estate is a power of attorney issued by the buyer in the country of residence, followed by an apostille for its verification in Greece. The text of the power of attorney, which will indicate the representative of the buyer, can be drawn up by one of the local lawyers. After drawing up a power of attorney, the process of remote acquisition of real estate does not differ from the usual one – everything is just done remotely.

Property management services

If the buyer wants to put out his apartment for rent, we offer our clients the services of a full service of their property by professional agents. Agents work in Greece and are responsible for finding permanent tenants and long-term rental of the apartment. If you plan to rent an apartment for a long time, the services of the management company vary from 10% to 12% per year, of the rental price.