Our Story

Water of Life Community Church was established on Sunday, October 28, 1990, when a group of twenty-one adults and eleven children gathered together to worship at the La Petite Childcare Building in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It was a fellowship that had arisen from a men’s bible study. The group of people had grown together and together, faithfully committed to seek God’s plan as a church family.

Water of Life is a non-denominational, evangelical, charismatic church. This means that we are devoted to studying and obeying the Bible, which is the Word of God. We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the modern-day operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as proclaimed in the New Testament.

Many people love God but have become disillusioned with the “church.” Therefore, a church that offers a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and growth in His Word, without the clutter of an overly structured environment, has great appeal. Because we want to maintain the integrity and purity of our spiritual purpose, we do not have a rigorous structure with multitudes of committees or membership requirements.
Our desire is to walk by faith and in deep trust of our Lord. Consequently, you will not see us take an offering at any of our services. Rather, we believe the giving of tithes and offerings is worship to Jesus Christ and an expression of the relationship between the individual giver and the Lord.

Although Water of Life is a non-denominational church, we consider ourselves to be a church that is “interdependent” with the rest of the Body of Christ. Our church is governed by our Pastors and Elder board. Additionally, our senior pastor is accountable to an outside group of other senior pastors from local churches, as well as an internationally recognized leader from the Foursquare denomination.