IO Online Giving

We appreciate your financial support, however Islamic Outreach (IO) and/or the Elder Board reserves the right to redirect all funds to the area of ministry most needed.


Water of Life offers a convenient and secure method for giving online to MERIT. Whether you’re interested in giving to a single team member, multiple team members and/or multiple teams, you can securely, quickly and easily do it all online.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is only for giving to MERIT Teams and Team Members. If you would like to give a tithe, offering or to a missionary, please click here.
In order to begin giving online, you will need to create a Water of Life Web Account. If you have given online or registered for an event online, you are able to use the same login information. Once your account is created you will be able to give online and review your giving history anytime.



For your protection, we have taken a number of steps to maximize the security of financial transactions that are accepted on the Water of Life website. Credit card and bank account processing is accomplished using secure processing services. Your entry of this information is encrypted when transmitted with the strongest, most secure form of encryption generally utilized in Internet browsers in North America.

Why do I have to choose myself on the first screen (on the “Select an Individual” step)?

In order for us to let the MERIT Team and/or Team Member know who made the donation, you will need to choose who the donation is from. If you are giving it, you would choose yourself. If you and your spouse are giving the donation, you can choose either name.

Can I give to multiple teams and/or team members?

Yes! Once you choose the first team/team member and the donation you would like to give, click “Continue” and on the next screen click “Register Another Person”. You can then continue through the process again and choose another team and/or team member. All donations will be processed in a single transaction.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes! On the screen when you choose the team member to give your donation to, the second drop down box asks if you would like the team member to know who gave the donation. If you would like your donation to be anonymous, you would choose “No.”

Can I give to the team in general?

Yes! You if you would like to make a donation to the team instead of an individual, please select “GENERAL TEAM DONATION”.

How come I can’t choose the amount to donate?

Unfortunately when giving to MERIT teams and team members our system does not allow you to write-in the donation amount. If you would like to give an amount that is different from the pre-determined donations listed, you can combine any of the pre-determined amounts to arrive at the donation total you desire. Once you choose the first donation amount, click “Continue” and on the next screen click “Register Another Person”. You can then continue through the process again and choose another dollar amount. All donations will be processed in a single transaction.

Can I view my past giving history and donations online?

Once your gift has been processed, you may view your giving history online three business days after you have established your new account in our system. Going forward, you will be able to view your giving history at any time. Click here to login to view your giving history.

What if I’m not a member at Water of Life Community Church but would like to make a donation?

We would be blessed to receive your gift, above and beyond your normal giving to your own home church. All givers will receive a contribution statement regardless of membership status, assuming we have their correct contact information and address.

My question is not listed here…

If you have any other questions not answered here, please contact MERIT at 909.463.0103 x4114 and we will be happy to assist you!