Maria Manso




Maria Manso


Missionary Information:

I am a full time missionary in Honduras since 1999. From 1999 to Dec, 2016 I worked with YWAM.

Since the beginning of this year my ministry has been doing whatever the Lord has guided me to do: House other missionaries passing through and/or ministering in town, mainly YWAMers.

I do translations for English speaking preachers and/or missionaries visiting our church and/or other ministries, I assists with prayer ministry and medical brigades.

I enjoy making disciples in cell groups at homes as well as sharing the gospel everywhere I go specially with youngsters and children.

Quarterly Update:

At the beginning of September I developed a pain in the abdomen I began feeling weak and depressed, the doctor suspected pancreatic problems, prescribed an ultrasound and no problems were found; the depression and weakness continued…Later that month I had chest pains, frequent coughing, digestive problems and the depression and weakness got worse.

Around the end of September I went to see the Internist and Infectologist that treated me after my outreach to Egypt. She is doing lots of tests to determine what is wrong. My white cells are too low and a couple of them have the numbers opposite to what they should be (should be higher than… is lower than…s/b lower than and vice versa). She is treating me with Immune strengthening meds and diet. She has prescribed more test for December 19th and will see me on the 20th, to give me the results, diagnosis and prognosis!!!!

We are praying about rejoining YWAM in 2018.

So I’m waiting on our Heavenly Father and trusting Him, as the writer of Psalm 91 wrote: “No evil will come to you; plagues will be turned away at your door. He will command His heavenly messengers to guard you, to keep you safe in every way. They will hold you up in their hands so that you will not crash, or fall, or even graze your foot on a stone”

Prayer Requests:

  • My health
  • His Favor in Cathy’s and my new ministries


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