Kiosk Check-in Ministry


The Check-in Kiosk Ministry is seeking servant hearted people to serve on our team as we keep our children safe, sign in participants for classes,school of ministry and all church events.

For more information contact Kellie Chappell at x4138

The Check-in Kiosk Ministry strives to serve Water of Life at a variety of events and locations. Assisted Check-in Kiosks are used by our children and youth ministries to safely track and locate children each weekend. Water of Life classes, our school of ministry and all church events also use the Check-in Kiosks.

Check-in Registration

If you are new to Water of Life and have children in either the Empowered Kids Ministry or Activate Ministry you will need to register your children into our Check-in system. Once you are registered you will receive an ID tag for your family. Any member of your family can check-in or out from this one tag.

Register Online or fill out a gold child registration form available at any Assisted Check-in Kiosk.

Assisted Check-in

There are several Check-in Kiosks available outside the Worship Center and in the 1-story lobby to check in children into Empowered Kids (Nursery – 6th Grade). These kiosks cannot run without your involvement and service.

There are also opportunities to run an Assisted Check-in Kiosk at other Water of Life events.

  • Weekend and weekday classes
  • School of Ministry
  • Servant Leaders Meetings
  • The Discovering Water of Life Class

Serving in the Kiosk Check-In Ministry offers interaction with the congregation and the chance to provide the welcoming first experience guests have with Water of Life. If you would like to serve in our Ministry please fill out the form below: