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We are doing our best to review recommendations from our government, the countries we send teams to and our partners internationally. It is with great regret we are postponing all teams through September 2020. We will continue to monitor global events and work on sending teams again as soon as it is safe for everyone. Check out our Team List (click the “GO TEAM LIST & INFO” button below) for the most current team information. We know we WILL send teams again…please pray with us to know when the timing is right! God bless you as you navigate these unprecedented times.

~The Global Outreach Team: Julianne, Pastor Norm and Lili

Welcome to Global Outreach!  Global Outreach (GO) is Water of Life Community Church’s expression of our core value of SENDING. Based on the Biblical passages of Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:4-8, we believe God has called WOL to establish long-term relationships throughout the world in order to transform lives.

Below you will find information about everything happening in the GO Department.  We are glad you are here and we pray you will be transformed by Jesus because of your time spent engaging with Global Outreach at WOL.

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