Generosity Ministry

Vision of WOL Generosity Ministry

A transformed life demonstrated by passion for God, compassion for people and by a lifestyle of Generous Stewardship.

Watch the video below as Pastor Dan speaks to the Generosity Ministry.

Mission Statement

To teach our members to manage God’s Blessings, God’s way, for God’s glory.

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is managing God’s Blessings (His resources), God’s way (His Principles), for God’s glory (His Kingdom).

Who could benefit from Generosity Ministry?

Everyone in our Church may benefit from Generosity Ministry.

Level 1 Stewards: Families who have difficulty paying their essential bills.

Level 2 Stewards: Families who are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

Level 3 Stewards: Families who are managing their finances well.

Level 4 Stewards: Families who are managing their finances well and who have been blessed with a significant surplus of resources.

What kind of benefits will people receive?

• Experience a Blessed Life; By living with Godly financial principles and positioning yourself to be blessed, protected and provided by God.
• Freedom from Financial Stress and Debt; By having a spending plan that reflects your values and convictions and a plan to get out of debt and stay out of debt. You will be freed from financial bondage.

• Strong marriages; reduced stress in the lives of our members. As the crush of consumer debt is reduced and eliminated and by better communication regarding finances, conflict in marriages lessens and contentment increases.

• Freedom to follow your calling; more openness to the presence of God, and the facilitation of spiritual growth and formation by removing money and possessions as the chief rival god.

• Expand God’s Kingdom; increased opportunity for our members and our church to impact our community. Increased giving of resources to other churches, communities, ministries, etc.
WOL Generosity Ministry helps create the safe haven we desire for our people. It helps
eliminate stress and anxiety among those who are burdened with debt, living from paycheck
to paycheck, or are managing their finances well but not aware of what a God-honoring Generous lifestyle is. Money is the second most-frequently mentioned topic in the Bible, so we need to open up this area of communication for our people to truly mature and be equipped as followers of Christ.

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