Better Marriage Workshops: Resiliency in Marriage

Saturday, November 7th with Pastor Nico Mendez

Online from 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Resiliency in Marriage is about learning how to bounce back stronger and better equipped for a healthy marriage.

Resiliency brings about a picture of bouncing back, things getting better. Like baseball fans, we know that it is not possible for our team to win the World Series every year and even when they blow it in game 7 at home, we all grumble, second-guess, blame, and criticize from October to the first day of spring training when we begin to think, “Maybe this year…” In Marriage, we too can always bounce back if we live in faith and hope.

Registration is not required. Please join by clicking on the Zoom link below.

For more information, contact: Elise at or 909-463-0103 x4127

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