Frequently Asked Questions

For your protection, we have taken a number of steps to maximize the security of financial transactions accepted on the Water of Life website. Credit card and bank account processing is accomplished using secure processing services. Your entry of this information is encrypted when transmitted using TLS/CSL Certificate Encryption, generally considered the strongest, most secure form of encryption utilized in North America. Water of Life is PCI compliant through Trustwave.

Non-cash Contributions
There is important information to know when making a non-cash charitable contribution. Please review the following publication from the IRS when considering making a non-cash charitable contribution to Water of Life Community Church. If you have any questions, please contact David Pelletier at x 4156.

Can I view my past giving history online and what will it show me?

Once your gift is processed, you may view your giving history online three business days after you have established your new account in our system.  Going forward, you will be able to view your giving history at any time.   Your current year-to-date and prior year contributions are in your giving history.  Please note, the history view is not an official tax document.  You may access your official Giving Statement for the prior year by selecting the appropriate year and then clicking on Download Statement.

Which account do I choose?
When you give online, you will see accounts for each area of giving. For your tithes and offerings choose the General Giving/Tithes option in the drop down list. You can also give to one or more ministries by choosing from the drop down menu.

What if I want to cancel or change my online giving?
You may cancel or make changes to your pending contribution at any time. Once your contribution has processed, you cannot make any changes to it through your online giving account. You can edit or delete a scheduled contribution including the bank routing number, account number, date, fund, frequency and amount.

What if I’m not a Water of Life Community Church member but want to make a donation?
We would be blessed to receive your gift, above and beyond your normal giving to your own home church. All givers will receive a giving statement regardless of membership status.  You will receive a notification with instructions to access your year-end giving statement to the email address provided on your account.  If there is no email address, we will mail the statement to the address provided on your account.

My question is not listed here, now what?
If you have questions about setting up your account or your contribution details, please contact Sue Fisher at 909.463.0103 x4109 M-F and she’ll be happy to assist you.


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