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Caitlyn Lutz
Dallas, TX

Missionary Information:

Caitlyn works on staff with The Prayer Room Missions Base in Dallas. She is a worship leader and intercessor in the prayer room, which operates with live prayer and worship 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. She is also the administrator and a teacher for The Prayer Room’s Bible school called the Forerunner Equipping Center, which currently consists of a young adult internship called Immerse and beginning January 2018 will also include a School of Supernatural Ministry.

If you want to lengthen that paragraph to include descriptions of the programs (I don’t know if that’s necessary, but you had it in there before), you can add this:

Immerse is designed to renew a vibrant heart for God through 16 weeks set apart for the Lord to strengthen and refresh the interns as believers, during which they will be challenged through powerful Bible teachings, surrounded by godly community, and given the tools to really grow in a life of prayer. The School of Supernatural Ministry is a two-semester program designed to give the eager believer a foundation in the practical theology and ministry training of how to live a life ministering in the gifts as a normal daily activity, from the place of an active lifestyle of prayer.

Latest Update:

Coming Soon – School of Supernatural Ministry!

I serve as the admin of The Prayer Room’s Forerunner Equipping Center, which in theory includes all of our schools and training programs. So far, my admin role has been confined to our Immerse internship, because that has been the only program we’ve had the strength to offer. It’s been 5 years since The Prayer Room has been able to offer anything more (last year’s weekly school of the prophetic notwithstanding).

Over the past couple weeks, our director Brad has been bursting with ideas for a new School of Supernatural Ministry. It’s been a desire of ours for years to be able to offer a program that would give in-depth training on topics such as prophecy, healing, and deliverance. We finally feel the permission and anointing of the Lord to make plans for a January launch of our SSM. At the same time, we plan to put launching another Immerse on hold until summer or fall while we take a close look at revamping that curriculum into a slightly different direction.

Check out our SSM on our website HERE!

Many years ago when The Prayer Room first moved out of Brad’s living room, they bought a house on Livermore Dr. to remodel into a prayer room meeting space. Several years later when The Prayer Room moved into a space on Pioneer Pkwy, the house on Livermore was remodeled again into dorm space for staff and interns. There is a men’s side and a women’s side with separate entrances. It’s never been ideal (the house has some foundation issues and kind of a janky design – the men’s kitchen is upstairs from the living room!) but it has served the Prayer Room well for years. This is the house I lived at for four months when I did my IHOPU externship here in fall 2015.

Now, we’re trying to sell that house and buy two duplexes (or one duplex with two remodel-able garages) which could house more people, including our IHOPU externs. This has been our rapid fire topic for several weeks now – that God would bring us a buyer quickly and the sale would cover the new purchase(s). For the right person willing to put some work into the house, this house is a great deal and could be a real blessing.

Please pray with us for the dorm to be sold quickly!

Worship Leading

About three weeks ago, God gave me a guitar! Two of my dear friends and fellow staff members purchased a beautiful used Ovation guitar for me after they heard I wanted to learn to play. (Right now, I can only play keyboard, and if The Prayer Room ever loses power while I’m leading worship, I’m out of luck.) Since then, I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials and slowly teaching myself a few chords. My guitar has officially been christened Eden, and I’m excited to grow with her.

I’ve also begun occasionally live-streaming video of my worship sets on Facebook Live! I’ve only done it a few times, but you’re very welcome to go check it out on my Facebook page. I also posted a shorter video on my blog of me worship leading with “Beautiful” by Sam Lane – a song that has a lot of personal meaning to me because of Ted Dekker’s inclusion of it in his novel Green. Ted likes to talk about how the chorus “You are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,” represents not only our worship to God but His love song back to us. This beautiful exchange of adoration is at the very heart of what The Prayer Room is about. There is nothing in the world like experiencing the love of Jesus and pouring out our love to Him in return.

Thank you for joining me in raising up this 24/7 love song with intercession. Jesus is being glorified and hearts are being set on fire because of you!

Until He comes,



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