Annunziato Family




Chris and Imedla Annunziato
Serving in Entebbe, Uganda

Missionary Information:

Chris is a native of California (Rancho Cucamonga) and Imelda was born and raised in Uganda. They both have been in full time ministry for 15 years and are blessed and excited to have started their own ministry!

Current Ministry:

Chris and Imelda Annunziato founded 5 17 Ministries in Entebbe, Uganda on the lake shores of Lake Victoria. This organization focuses on the discipleship and mentorship of youth ranging from 12-17 years of age. Homes in Uganda consist of a high percentage of abuse, abandonment and no positive influences. This ministry provides an environment for these teens to come, be discipled and grow in their faith in Jesus. They also help these youth in growing in life skills so when they leave the program they have learned responsibility and maturity. The youth also receive a meal every time they walk through the doors of 5 17 Ministries!

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