24/7 Prayer Room

To sign up:

  1. Click the link to access the 24/7 Prayer Room
  2. Select a date and time to pray
  3. Fill in your information (name, email and phone to confirm your time slot)

A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your selected time. Another confirmation email will be sent 1 hour before you are scheduled to pray.

Here are some recommended prayer points:

  • Pray for our church leaders as they make decisions daily regarding the direction of our church.
  • Pray for individuals and families that are being impacted physically and financially.
  • Pray for our local, state and national leaders
  • Pray for nurses, doctors and the medical community as they serve the sick.
  • Pray for the elimination of this virus across our globe.
  • Pray for unity among churches as they serve their communities.
  • Pray for faith to arise and that people would turn to Jesus during this time of distress.
  • Pray that our lives would shine brightly and all that we say and do would be life giving to our families, friends and neighbors.

Contact Elise at eliseg@wateroflifecc.org or Carena at carenan@wateroflifecc.org with questions.